Joey Kozlovskiy

Designer at VK Former

10+ years of experience. I am good at product design, UI + UX, HTML + CSS, mobile apps, design systems, design analysis, prototyping, project management etc.

I am 33 and have two kids. Originally from Siberia. Lived in China. Now I am in Antalya, Türkiye.

People describe me as pedantic, diligent and easy-going. I like order, structure, mindfulness, mise-en-place and creating lists. On the other hand I am hedonist-type-of-person.

I am crazy about playing synths, piano, guitar or ukulele, singing songs, producing music, having fun responsibly, cooking delicious food and beverages, 80's aesthetics, nintendo, skateboarding, belgian beer, sea, mountains, pines and summer. I share about my life experience in my channel.

Me and my wife are making psychological programs «Волна» based on mindfulness. My duties are design-concept, site building, project management, layout of all program materials, text edition and all about comfort and beauty as user experience.

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